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Basic Rules to Make your Resume Stand Out

More companies are going online to find prospective employees. That's why it's a good idea to post your resume on the Internet. But there are a few tricks to increasing your chances that the company you want to work for will come across your curriculum vitae. Follow these tips:

  • Place a paragraph using as many key words as possible at the top of your resume. This increases the chances that your document will come up when an employer types search words to scan the database of resumes. Choose as many different nouns as possible, especially those that are hot in the field in which you're interested.
  • Make sure qualification words are somewhere in the body of your resume. For example, if you have project management experience, make sure key words associated with that responsibility are included.
  • Emphasize technical and computer skills.
  • Avoid graphics. They slow your page down, and they confuse scanners.
  • Skip underlining, bold type, or italics. Again, this is a form of graphics which can trip up scanners.
  • Choose clean, plain typeface, preferably 10 to 12 point.
  • Position the text flush with the left side of the screen.